Foundations for a Better Oregon board members left to right: Greg Chaille, Corrine Oishi, Cynthia Addams, Carrie Thompson, Max Williams, Serena Cruz, Martha Richards, Bob Kingzett, Rod Wendt, Bill Swindells, Edward Brewington, Truman Collins, and Anne Kubich. Not pictured: Ana Gomez and Darleen Ortega.

"It is unusual for foundations to acknowledge that they do not know the answer. All the foundations were addressing symptoms of a larger problem...and we didn't know who or what was getting at the root cause. Our work through Chalkboard Project demonstrates what ongoing learning looks like at the foundation level."

-- Martha Richards, executive director of James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation

What We Do

Foundations for a Better Oregon (FBO) is committed to addressing complex public issues in Oregon through statewide policy changes. Investing in program pilots as proof points, FBO established Chalkboard Project as its first initiative to improve education outcomes for all K-12 students by supporting the education professionals whose work makes a daily difference in students’ lives. 

Who We Are

In 2004, The Collins Foundation, Ford Family Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, The Oregon Community Foundation, and The Wendt Family Foundation, and later joined by a James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation, formed FBO. The impetus for creating the foundation was to improve philanthropic impact by collectively working together to affect the vitality of Oregon.

After careful research and input from statewide focus groups and community meetings, FBO identified K-12 education as the focus of its first, and currently only, initiative and formed Chalkboard Project.